1580 WDAB Station Introduction

Dear Friends,
Greetings from your new community radio station!

I can’t tell you how excited we are about the opportunity we have been blessed with here in Travelers Rest. To basically be given a blank canvas, and to be able to turn that canvas into what we believe will become a vibrant part of the community, is both a daunting and thrilling challenge.

 You have to understand something about me. While I am fully vested in today’s technology, probably to a fault, there is something about radio that is still magical to me. It started when I was a kid. My parents would buy me radios and I would take them apart to see how they worked. Frequently, by the time I was finished, they didn’t.

I was the kid sleeping with the transistor radio under his pillow so he could hear Cincinnati Reds baseball games from the West Coast. I was the guy with the radio hidden in his locker at school.

And 30 years ago this past December, when I went to work at my hometown radio station in Williamson, WV, I was warned by a radio lifer about the profession. He told me to be careful, because if the business ever got in my blood I could never get rid of it.

 And boy, was he correct.
Even during the decade–plus that I was a full-time newspaper sports editor, I always found myself dabbling in radio. I was blessed, as many of you know, to host a daily sports talk show in Clemson for 11 years. That show ended and 2012, and in the four years since I have tried to walk away from the profession multiple times.
Obviously, without success.

I truly, truly love the business. Whether it’s broadcasting games in my role as the Voice of Furman University athletics, hosting a show, or even serving as a glorified button pusher, I love radio.

That’s why when this opportunity was presented to me, I jumped at it.

 Many people in this profession will tell you that an AM stand-alone has no chance to succeed. And the way corporate radio works, they would be correct. However there are more and more cases in which a station such as WDAB is successful because it fully invests in the community it serves.
And that’s the only way we can be successful. WDAB must eat, drink, wake up, and go to sleep with Travelers Rest and the surrounding communities. And that is precisely what we intend to do.

Our programming will be aimed at becoming a go-to source for info on TR. And partnering with entities like the city, the TR Tribune and others will make that possible.

 We want to fill our days and our weekends with shows that matter to you. Whether it’s news, sports, music, automobiles, gardening, technology,… You get the idea. We want to try and touch as many aspects of life in Travelers Rest as we can.
While I am an optimist, I am also a realist. I know this is going to take a tremendous amount of work. I could use this space to go overboard about the things we want to do and make promises about future events, but the reality is that we must take it one day at a time.
So there will be no grand promises. No over-the-top announcements. No hyperbole.

What you’re going to get is a work in progress that, over time, hopefully grows into a finely-tuned (pun intended) radio station. A radio station that will do everything in its power to become a vital part of this growing community.

I know that our challenge is proving ourselves to you. If you are a business owner, I realize that there are many, many options you have when it comes to spending your advertising dollars. I know it is up to us to earn your business. And once we get it, it’s up to us to work even harder to keep it.

What I’m asking is this:

When we come to see you about advertising on 1580 WDAB, with our extremely low rates, give us three months to prove ourselves. That’s all I’m asking. If you are willing to make that investment in us, I am confident we can make this venture a success.

 Again, we know the onus is on us to prove ourselves to you. And we welcome that challenge.

Please be watching and listening for programming updates. Our intent is to start bringing in our regular daily programming in early February. Until then, enjoy the variety of music that is currently playing nonstop on the station.

Also, be aware that there will be stretches of time the station will be off air over the next few days as we continue working.
If you have questions about programming, advertising, have show ideas, or just looking for general information, please use contact form click here.

We at WDAB look forward to meeting and interacting with you all.

 Thank you, and have a blessed day.
Dan Scott, Operations
1580 WDAB